Participants must complete the full designated route and distance of all stages. Only participants who complete all 3 stages will be considered Mt. Kenya Epik finishers.


  • The batch pounds open early and the stage start times will be announced at race briefing and supplied in the race guide.
  • Differential start zones will be allocated according to overall ranking in the race.
  • The top 3 teams in each category will have the option to start from the first row, if present at the start line in time.
  • The seeded starting batches will close strictly 10 minutes before the stage start. Participants must enter the start zone as a team with their bikes, and once entered must remain in the start zone with their bikes.
  • Any participant and/or teams who are not in their start zones 10 minutes before the start may be required to start in a later starting batch.
  • Participants starting in an incorrect starting group will incur a 30 minute penalty.


  • The finish line closes at 17h00 daily, except for the last stage which closes at 15h00.
  • Teams which are deemed by the Race Organisers to arrive at the finish line after the cut-off time will be swept off the route by the sweep vehicle. These teams may continue riding the race, but will not qualify as stage or race finishers.
  • Stage winners and overall category leaders must be present at the daily awards ceremony, including the final ceremony.

Traffic Regulations

The Mt. Kenya Epik will not have exclusive use of any public roads during the race. All regular traffic regulations must be observed at all times during the race.

Route Map

2018 Challenge Please note: in the interest of your safety, we have amended the event dates, length and route to accommodate the erratic weather pattern currently being experienced in the region;Route:
Approx 250 km to be covered over the course of four days as follows:-

Day 1:  Prologue – Friday 23rd, April
Starting and finishing at Naro Moru River Lodge on Friday 24th November.
Registration: 12.00 pm
Event start: 2.30 pm
Format: 2 person team, time trial.
Approx distance: 30 km

Day 2: Stage 1 – Saturday 21st, April
Start at Naro Moru River Lodge, finish Embori Farm, Timau
Registration for day participants: 8. 00 am
Event start: 9.00 am
Approx distance: 96 km

Day 3: Stage 2 – Sunday 22nd, April
Start at Embori Farm, Timau and finish Naro Moru River Lodge
Registration for day participants:  7. 30 am
Event start:  8.30 am
Approx distance:  75 km

Day 4: Stage 3 – Monday 23rd, April
Start and finish at Naro Moru River Lodge
Registration for day participants: 7.30 am
Event start: 8.30 am
Approx distance: 70 km

The race will start and finish at Naro Moru River Lodge.