Laikipia County is one of the 47 counties of Kenya located on the equator in the former Rift Valley Province. The county has two major urban centers: Nanyuki to the southeast and Nyahururu to the southwest. The main economic activities in the county are tourism and agriculture, chiefly grain crops, ranching and greenhouse horticulture. The county has a cool temperate climate with both rainy and dry seasons. Laikipia, which means treeless plain in Maasai language is a vast plain where different kinds of wildlife, including the big five roam freely on the rangelands.

With its breathtaking landscape and spectacular backdrop of the snowcapped Mount Kenya, Nanyuki is an ideal holiday destination with modern hotels and resorts to fit any visitor’s budget. The town hosts the main Kenya Air Force airbase and the British Army Training camp. It’s always booming with business activity as residents strive to satisfy the needs of tourists and army officers who reside in the town. Nyahururu town came about due to the Thompson Falls in the nearby Ewaso Nyiro River. The town is also an important player in the milk processing sector because of the dairy farming activities in the area. It is also known for its large production and trading of fresh farm produce like peas, potatoes and carrots, which are then transported to major towns.

Laikipia is a county with different landscapes and climatic zones. It is popular for its abundant wildlife, where you find endangered species like the Bongo and the African wild dog. Laikipia has several private ranches that frequently organize fun activities and memorable trips.

Some of these activities include fishing, horseback and helicopter safaris which give visitors a chance to have a bird’s view of the landscape. Some places of interest include Solio Ranch, Oljogi Ranch, Ol Pejeta Ranch and Borana Ranch.

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