Kirinyaga County is home to Mt. Kenya and offers a breathtaking view of the mountain with its snowcapped peaks, v-shaped valleys and indigenous forests.  The county is also home to the Mt. Kenya Forest that is inhabited by a variety of wildlife including elephants, buffaloes, monkeys and birds. Kirinyaga has over 17 waterfalls which are found along the course of the six major rivers; Sagana, Nyamindi, Rupingazi, Thiba, Rwamuthambi and Ragati, as they cascade from the mountain downwards.

One can also climb Mt. Kenya from Kirinyaga County through the Kamweti route which leads you to old elephant pathways through dense rain and bamboo forests to the highland swamps and moorlands of Mt. Kenya.

While in Kirinyaga, lovers of the outdoors can engage in extreme sports like bungee jumping, canoe kayaking, white water rafting, rapids river trekking as well as enjoying Sagana chopper trips. Several lodges also offer ideal environments for camping and bonfires which can be used by friends and families to bond.

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