Only Mountain Bikes in good working order will be allowed to start the race.

Bike Marking:

  1. Bikes must be marked with official Mt. Kenya Epik number board.
  2. It is each participant’s responsibility to ensure that their bike is appropriately marked.

Bikes must be race-ready at the start of each stage, and during the race;

  1. The bike is correctly marked.
  2. The front number board is securely fitted and visible from the front.
  3. The bike is in safe working order.

Maintenance of bicycles during the race is the responsibility of each participants.

Bike repair services will be provided by outsourced service providers at stage finishes

In all cases of maintenance and repair, participants are required to complete the full distance of the stage with their bikes and within the time allowed.

Bicycles may be propelled only through a chain set and by the participant’s leg action, without any form of assistance (electrical or otherwise)

Tandem bikes are allowed.

Helmets and Clothing

  1. A participant not wearing a helmet at any stage of the race will be disqualified and removed from the course immediately.
  2. All helmets must comply with international “ANSI” standards.
  3. Appropriate riding attire, including a shirt, must be worn at all times. Team members do not have to be dressed identically.
  4. Eye protection is strongly recommended.
  5. It is recommended that fully enclosed footwear be worn.
  6. No participant may display or reproduce the official event logo or any derivative thereof on any riding attire and/or team clothing without the written approval of the race organisers, which should be obtained prior to any such riding attire being manufactured.