Mt. Kenya Epik Profile

Behind the Mt. Kenya Epik is a team comprising of: Mr. Douglas Wakiihuri dubbed “Kenya’s first champion” a former Kenyan long-distance runner, Mr. David Kinja one of the most experienced and prolific Kenyan cyclists as well as a mentor to other successful cyclists such as Chris Froome and the Directors of the Bundu Challenge; Julie Wahome and Michael Wamithi, collectively known as Africa Extreme.
Africa Extreme is a company comprised of these four indviduals brought together on account of their mutual interests which include:- having a passion for sports, youth development and conservation. The four teamed up to offer innovative and unique event solutions for local and international participants to take part in and at the same time contribute towards initiatives that support the areas outlined above.
Each of the events organised by Africa Extreme offer extreme outdoor challenges in locations that are off the beaten path and provide a unique opportunity to discover some of the most beautiful and untamed natural habitats in the region. All of our events require that participants be not only in good physical condition, but also have the mental capacity and determination to successfully complete the extreme trials.

Founders of African Extreme

David Kinjah

David Kinjah

Cycling Champion
David Kinjah, one of the most successful Kenyan cyclists, was Chris Froome’s first inspiration, mentor and training partner who helped to launch the career of the two-time Tour de France champion. Froome met Kinjah when the former was a 13-year old, with the pair regularly heading into the Kenyan bush on all-day rides. Froome became part of Kinjah’s Safari Simbaz Project– which aims to unearth Kenya’s young talented cyclists. He regularly returned to Kenya during holidays while attending school in South Africa to ride with Kinjah as he plotted his unconventional path to the top of the sport. In riding the Tour de France, Froome realized Kinjah’s own dream.

Froome’s success has helped to change Kenya’s perception of the Tour. The country’s Swahili motto- Harambee which translates to “let us all pull together”, has certainly served as a uniting force for the two epic cyclists. Most people may have viewed Froome’s projections as unrealistic and crazy but his success story is evidence that everything is possible. Full potential can be realized through self-inspiration and it only takes a bit of adventure to scale new heights. Both Douglas’ and David’s stories are about daring to discover and engaging in otherwise dreaded environments. As Doug Larson puts it, “Some of the world’s greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible.”

Douglas Wakiihiri

Douglas Wakiihiri

Marathon Champion

Douglas Wakiihuri is a former Kenyan long-distance runner who was born on September 26, 1963 in Mombasa. At the tender age of 19 he moved to Japan where he trained as a runner. His zeal and determination to succeed outside his comfort zone led him to become one of the finest marathon runners of all time in the world. He dared to dream and his efforts were promptly rewarded when he won his first ever marathon gold medal at the 1987 World Championships in Rome. He later went on to bag a silver medal in the 1988 summer Olympics in Seoul, finishing 15-seconds behind Italy’s Gelindo Bordin. The next year he won the London Marathon and then took home the Commonwealth Games marathon gold medal in Auckland, New Zealand in February 1990.

Despite his illustrious career, Wakiihuri has also been at the forefront to positively impact lives of children by engaging in various missions to give back to his community and inspire hope among those who have precious little to call their own. He recently returned to the sport after almost a decade in retirement but this time it was to raise awareness of a school and youngsters’ group he is involved with in Kibera, the second largest urban slum in Africa. He has since distributed t-shirts and tracksuits donated by the Mid Atlantic Athletic Club ( MAAC) to the youngsters who train with him. Wakiihuri also had the privilege of coaching Kenya’s First Lady Margaret Kenyatta during the 2014 London Marathon in a bid to raise funds for her Beyond Zero campaign- which seeks to eliminate preventable maternal and early childhood deaths.

Julie C.M. Matiba-Wahome

Julie C.M. Matiba-Wahome

Director at Extreme Outdoors Africa
Julie Wahome is a hospitality professional with a BSc degree from Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. She has also completed a post graduate certificate programme from the Victoria University of Manchester, Institute of Development Policy and Management, in Manchester UK, and from Cornell University specializing in Hotel Real Estate Investments and Asset Management.

She has over twenty years experience working in the Hospitality industry in Kenya, East Africa, in various roles both at unit and corporate level with a focus in Human Resource Development and Marketing. She is currently a director at Kenedco; a company which has various interest’s in Real Estate, Education, Hospitality and Agriculture.

In addition to her current role at Kenedco, Julie also owns and runs several small enterprises involved in real estate development and outdoor recreation.  She also currently sits on the board of the Pan African Leadership Foundation – an organisation that seeks to transform our society by nurturing young leaders; The Cluster Foundation – an organisation which raises awareness about and advocates for respect for the rights and dignity of persons living with spinal cord injury.  In the area of sports, she is the current Chairperson of Ambassadors Football Kenya and also sits on the Africa Commission of FIM for Women In Motorcyling as well as the Kenya Motorsport Federation Commission for Motorcyling.

Julie is also founder and director of Extreme Outdoors Africa; a company focused on outdoor and extreme sports and activity in East and Central Africa.

Michael Wamithi is a conservationist with over 30 year successful career in Nature conservation to which he still spares part of his time as an independent consultant and serves in the Advisory council of PASA, a Pan African Primate conservation organization and on the Boards of the Hague based Wildlife Justice commission (WJC) and US Based International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).He is also a member of the East Africa Wildlife Society.

He has previously served as CEO of Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), and the Kenya Wildlife Trust (KWT) and Kenya Country Director of the USA based International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

Working in conservation has developed a strong love for outdoors and realization that even conservation as  with other positive societal values to take hold one has to start early with young people. That’s why as founding partner of Mt.Kenya Epik he finds much joy in providing opportunity and mentorship to young people especially, and creating awareness in Kenya citizens in general regarding the environment, current social causes, building their social capital and develop healthy physical and mental lifestyles.

Michael brings to the Mt.Kenya Epik strong passion for conservation, outdoor adventure and extensive management and administrative skills.

Africa Extreme is a new company, however, each of the founders has been involved individually in the execution of various sporting events.

Each of the events organised by Africa Extreme will offer extreme outdoor challenges in locations that are off the beaten path and offer participants a unique opportunity to discover some of the most beautiful and untamed natural habitats in the region. All of our events require that participants be not only in good physical condition, but also have the mental capacity and determination to successfully complete the extreme trials.